DIV Timeline

A list of all hunts from DIV I to present.


1IMarch 2004Danielle Property – Stafford
2IINovember2004Stonemans Switch
3IIIMarch 2005Stonemans Switch
4IVNovember 2005Stonemans Switch
5VMarch 2006Brandy Rock
6VINovember 2006Stonemans Switch
7VIIMarch 2007Beauregard Farm
8VIIIOctober 2007Hansborough Ridge
9IXMarch 2008Brandy Rock Farm
Mini huntApril 2008Brandy Rock Farm
10XOctober 2008Brandy Rock Farm
11XIMarch 2009Hansborough Ridge & Coles Hill
12XIIOctober 2009Brandy Rock Farm
13XIIIMarch 2010Brandy Rock Farm
14XIVMarch 2010Hansborough Ridge & Coles Hill
15XVOctober 2010Coles Hill
16XVIMarch 2011Brandy Rock Farm
17XVIIMarch 2011Beauregard Farm
18XVIIIOctober 2011Stonemans Switch
19XIXNovember 2011Coles Hill
20XXMarch 2012Beauregard Farm
21XXIMarch 2012Spillman’s
22XXIINovember2012Beauregard Farm
23XXIIIMarch 2013Spillman’s
24XXIVNovember 2013Excelsior Camp
25XXVNovember 2013Brandy Rock Farm
26XXVIMarch 2014Spillman’s
27XXVIIMarch 2014Brandy Rock Farm
28XXVIIIOctober 2014Beauregard Farm
29XXIXMarch 2015Excelsior Camp
30XXXMarch 2015Brandy Rock Farm
31XXXIMay 2015Shady Grove Kennels
32XXXIINovember 2015Coles Hill
33XXXIIIMarch 2016Beauregard Farm
34XXXIVMarch 2016Brandy Rock Farm
35XXXVNovember 2016Glebe Farm
36XXXVIMarch 2017Glebe Farm
37XXXVIIMarch 2017Brandy Rock Farm
38XXXVIIIOctober 2017Fair Oaks Farm
39XXXIXNovember 2017Glebe Farm
40XLMarch 2018Riverland & Woodbourne Farm
41XLIApril 2018Coles Hill
42XLIINovember 2018Beauregard Farm
43XLIIINovember 2018Excelsior Camp
44XLIVMarch 2019Fair Oaks Farm
45XLVMarch 2019Brandy Rock Farm
46XLVINovember 2019Coles Hill
47XLVIINovember 2019Spillman’s
48XLVIIINovember 2020Glebe Farm
49XLIXNovember 2020Beauregard Farm
Special HuntMarch 2021Brandy Rock Farm
50LNovember 2021Beauregard Farm, Spillman Farm, Gobbler Hill Farm, Excelsior Camp
51LIMarch 2022Riverland & Woodbourne Farm
52LIINovember 2022Cole’s Hill
53LIIINovember 2022Beauregard Farm
54LIVMarch 2023Lakota Ranch
55LVNovember 2023Beauregard Farm
56LVIApril 2024Riverland & Woodbourne Farm