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    Steve Wagner

      Today I woke up excited because it was my day to sign up!!  Later my wife reminded me it was our anniversary which I forgot!!

      remembering  DIV sign up is priority!!

      kind of!😎

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        Profile PhotoDavid McCall

          There is a gold camp here in California that I go to frequently to mine for a week with other like minded individuals.  At the last night there they were asking who had a birthday or an anniversary during the week.  I raised my hand because it had been my anniversary…..the men were surprised I got a hall pass and the women probably thought I was a smuck for being a gold camp by myself during my anniversary.  It is possible to have a good marriage and take separate vacations…..

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            Profile PhotoJeff Brown

              My wife and I always take vacation separately. She’s a beach lover and I’m not. She spends a week at the beach and I spend my vacation at DIV. Works out great.


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