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    Marc Sciance

      I have been blessed to have attended 41 DIV hunts and that number is soon to be 43.  I was laying in bed last night and thinking about this and decided to put it into perspective.  Almost all hunts have been 3 day hunts but there have been a couple 4 day hunts.  Most hunts average around 10 hour days but a few days were cut short due to weather conditions.  With that said I figured 43 DIV hunts at 3 days each and 10 hours each.  I have dug 129 days at DIV which is over 4 months of my life!  Actual digging hours is approximately 1,290 hours.  Besides getting married and having children those 4 months have been the best 4 months of my life.  Digging with friends, watching amazing relics being dug and finding my share of relics….You could not ask for a better experience!  Thank you John, Rose and committee for the opportunity to be part of the DIV family.


      Marc Sciance

      Marc in VA

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        Profile PhotoJim Bonito

          Yes Sir its surly an Honor to be part of the DIV family …those are amazing numbers Marc … Thanks again to Rose and John and All who help them run DIV and With Gods help we will get rid of this dumb C-19 ,hopefully DIV 50 will be back to the way we are use to ….Still had a great time

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          Profile PhotoDennis Morrison

            Well said Marc! I can’t add very well, LOL, but I’ve been to most of the DIV’s since number X (ten). Brad Saunders got me into Saving History in Virginia so many years ago. Over the years I have saved some amazing History. I can’t wait to get to what must have been one of my ancestors’ home and my Love for Virginia. The History abounds in Virginia and all the states from Ohio to Virginia. Being part of our Diggin in Virginia Family I’d say is the best part, Saving some History is a bonus and to me Priceless. When folks arrive at the hotel, I can’t wait to say hello and in the past, but probably not now, give them a Great Big Hug, hey that’s what family members do! I can’t believe how fast those 3 days or 6 days go by and when it’s time to say goodbye to our family, I always have a tear in my eye and can’t wait for the next DIV to see our family members again and Save Some History.

            Let us not forget while we are in Virginia this fall, November 11, is Veterans Day. Those who gave their all and are still watching over our Country deserve our respect on Veterans Day. They are the ones who give us the right to do what we do. Thank a Veteran! God Bless America

            Dennis Morrison (Ringfinder)

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            I'm just a Yankee from Ohio, who enjoys Relic Hunting and Saving History. We as Detectorists should always remember we are the ones who do the research and Save our History for those who come after us if we don't Save our History, who will.

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            Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

              Every minute spent at a DIV is special!👍

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              Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

                Thank you Marc, its people like you that makes what we do a whole lot easier. Send some of your experiences for the future book.

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                Profile PhotoPat Kiser

                  A very neat perspective.

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                  Profile PhotoRob Jacobellis

                    Well said. We’ll be out there again soon!

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