Detectors and spare detector gear

  • Main machine + at least one backup machine 
  • Headphones & backup phones 
  • Spare coils and lower rods and coil bolts/nuts 
  • Spare arm cup (especially if you use Whites) 
  • Spare batteries and battery packs 
  • Pinpointer (if used) 
  • Weatherproofing materials (IE: rain covers/baggies/showercaps)

Digging Tools

  • Heavy duty digging shovel and backup shovel 
  • Hand digger

Detecting support materials 

  • Tarps for misc. uses (hut digging and rain cover) 
  • Instant pop up for inclement weather 
  • Containers for finds (cheap clear tackle boxes) with cotton packing for protection of finds 
  • Tools for cleaning finds (toothbrushes, toothpicks, lemon juice, etc..) 
  • Zip-lock bags 
  • Canvas bags or backpacks for bottles and larger finds (Home Depot sells foldable bags that work GREAT for this) 
  • Newspapers for protecting bottles and finds 
  • Goodie pouch and belt 
  • A couple garbage bags 
  • Multi tool (Swiss army knife or similar) 
  • Electrical and/or Duct tape 
  • Riker cases for displaying of finds at picnic – will be on sale at meeting and picnic 
  • Your own towels for cleaning of finds at the room 
  • Small bucket to fill with water to clean finds OUTSIDE of hotel room

Personal items

  • Good first aid kit 
  • Tick and Chigger repellant (in season) 
  • Advil or similar pain reliever 
  • Handy wipes
  • Eye wash if not in first aid kit 
  • Any medicine or medical alert items needed by individual hunter (note: on site Dr’s and paramedics should be notified of any serious pre-existing medical conditions prior to hunt. Carry on you at all times a list of medications that you are currently taking). 
  • Folding chair 
  • Thermos 
  • Sunscreen
  • Munchies and water.

Clothing and protective gear 

  • At least two pair stout digging gloves 
  • Hat 
  • Rain gear ( I prefer rainproof hunting coats and fishing bibs) 
  • Good digging pants with reinforced knees 
  • Layered clothing 
  • GOOD socks! 
  • Safety glasses or shades 
  • Well broken in hiking/work boots (NON steel toed!)
  • Travel support and photographic gear 
  • Laptop computer 
  • GPS unit 
  • Digital camera/camcorder and spare batteries/memory cards 
  • Small notebook is also useful to record events for future reference.

GOOD attitude!!

It is counter productive to get too excited or have unrealistic expectations. It’s more productive to have a slower, more reserved approach to hunting. Take your time, be thorough and focused, and you’ll not only dig more, you’ll have a much better time! Take the time to visit a bit, and learn from the veterans. Some of these guys and gals are AWESOME…. and can provide collectively pretty much everything you’ll EVER need to know about relic hunting. Most of all….have fun!!!!
This list  was prepared by Kim Cox aka Streak! and he has given us permission to use it.


Please note ~

By no means do you have to have or need everything on this list…..tailor it to you own individual  needs/specifications.

As we have said many times in the past…..’we can’t guarantee that we will have good weather and we can’t guarantee that you will find relics, but we can guarantee that you will have a good time and make some new friendships that will last a lifetime!’

Enjoy the experience and make some wonderful memories.

John and Rose