What does DIV stand for?

DIV is short for Diggin’ In Virginia. It is a fully licensed and insured Limited Liability Corporation in the state of Virginia owned and operated by John and Rose Kendrick(event organizers).

What are DIV hunts?

They are organized invitational relic hunts dedicated to the recovery and preservation of historical artifacts.

Where are DIV hunts held?

The organizers lease large parcels of land in counties that are either established long term winter camps or battlefield and skirmish sites on private property.

When are DIV hunts held?

The spring hunt is in mid to late March and the fall hunt is mid to late October or early November. Several factors are taken into consideration before a date is selected….the land owners requests, the normal weather conditions for that time of year, crops in the fields, hunting season, etc.

How can you participate in a DIV hunt?

An announcement will be made right here on the forum when the sign ups will begin. Instructions will be given for the sign up process. Typically, the sign up will last several days. The order in which you sign up does not factor into the selection of participants. You must have a valid email address and use your real name to be eligible for consideration.Sign ups are usually 6 months prior to the actual hunt.

How do you know you have been invited to the hunt?

Once the participants list has been finalized (usually within a week or two after sign ups end)the participants list is posted. In order to be marked confirmed you must request to join the private forum. If you do not confirm by the deadline date that is given then you will loose you slot and alternates are moved into the vacant slots.

Does everyone that signs up get invited?

The number of participants chosen depends on the size of the hunt site and our best guess as to the amount of relics still left. A list of participants and a list of alternates are chosen at the end of sign ups.

How do alternates move up to the participants list?

When a cancellation is received then the next alternate on the list is moved into the vacant slot. Notification is made on the forum of who has moved up and they have 48 hours to confirm that they will be able to attend.If they do not confirm they will loose their slot and the next alternate is moved up. Once you have been removed from the participants list you can  not be added back onto it but you can be added to the bottom of the alternates list.

How much does it cost and what does this include?

The entry fee is $250 per person, except for occasional special events. This is for 3 full days of relic hunting and a good ole’ fashioned Virginia BBQ picnic or another type of luncheon on the final day. Water and sodas are also provided free of charge, thanks to BlackBox Stocks, one of our sponsors.

Are the hunts funded by metal detector distributors/companies?

Sponsors of the hunts donate merchandise to be used for raffle prizes.  All proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets are donated to local charities, chosen at the discretion of the organizers.

Does Diggin’ In Virginia have its own website?

This website is exclusively owned and operated by Diggin’ In Virginia LLC

When do you find out where the hunt site is located?

All information is posted either on the main forum or on  the private forum.

What happens if I have to cancel once my entry fee is paid?

If you notify the organizers via email to digginva@hughes.net, at least thirty days (30) before the 1st day of the hunt that you will not be able to attend then you will receive a full refund. Cancellations received within the month that the hunt is to be held forfeit the paid entry fee.

What happens in the event of an emergency (illness/sickness) during the hunt?

Participants are encouraged to stay in touch with each other, with the organizers, the committee and the medical team by texting while out in the field. The medical team consists of qualified medics and  EMT’s, that are onsite all 3 days with all the equipment needed. The local fire/rescue is also notified of the hunt location prior to the hunt. If any of our medical team deems it necessary that you need more advanced care, 911 will be called. If you choose not to be transported to the hospital then you will have to leave the hunt site immediately.

What about lodging?

The organizers work with area hotels to negotiate the best possible rates. Depending on availability,large blocks of rooms (often times the entire hotel) are reserved to accommodate the number of participants. Usually 2 –3 hotels are booked to give folks a choice to choose from. Information is posted on the private forum. Each person is responsible to make their own reservations.

How do you get to the hunt site from the hotels?

Due to the number of participants,car pooling is mandatory. Once the number of vehicles that the farm/properties can accommodate has been determined then we ask for drivers to volunteer. Most of the times it is mandatory  that 4 wheel drive are required due to the property and farms that we lease.  Each vehicle should be able to carry at least 3 – 4 persons. If a person can’t lineup their own ride then assignments are made closer to the hunt date.

Are guests allowed?

Due to liability insurance restrictions guests are not allowed. It would impossible to maintain crowd control if every participant brought a guest.

Do you have site security?

We have security on site during the duration of the hunt.