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    Rose Kendrick

      One week from today folks….now it’s getting real! A few more details of what to expect at both hunts.

      There will be 3 tables set up on the first morning of each hunt.

      One for parking passes and badges – carpool drivers will pick up badges for those folks in their vehicle. Please do not lay them down anywhere as there is only one badge per person and it is to be used for both hunts.

      A table for shirts/caps that were pre-ordered either from the spring hunt or the clearance sale

      A table for books that have been pre-ordered. We will have additional copies available for purchase on Wednesday and Saturday.

      Some questions have been asked by some new folks about the lunch on Wednesday and the BBQ on Saturday. Normally we go over all of these details at the meeting but unfortunately since we aren’t having one I’ll go over it here.

      Wednesday – chili with fixins’, crackers, corn muffins, bag of cookies and a soda. You will be given a disposable glove prior to getting your food. You must wear it at all times in the food line. The chili will be served in cups. You will go through the line, get a plate with a cup of chili, help yourself to crackers, muffins, condiments, bag of cookies and a soda. UPDATED – masks and gloves will be required to go through the food line.

      Saturday – pulled pork, hotdogs, baked beans, individual bags of chips and cookies and sodas. You will be given a disposable glove and a plate prior to getting your food. You must wear the glove at all times in the food line We’re going to try and do this as folks get in line. If someone hasn’t given you a plate and glove then ask for one. You will serve yourself. UPDATED – masks and gloves will be required to go through the food line.

      At both hunts we will have the relic display. If you display your finds you will be given a raffle ticket. After everyone has finished eating we will draw one ticket for a FREE slot at the spring hunt. Then I will draw additional tickets and those names will automatically be added to the participants list and you won’t have to sign up.

      PLEASE…PLEASE….PLEASE…..do not come to the hunt site if you are sick in anyway, have any of the symptoms associated with the virus or have been exposed to anyone that has tested positive to the virus five days prior to the hunt. Take care of yourself and be considerate of others.
      If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Things are being done differently this time due to COVID restrictions and we’re all in this together…….thank you for your cooperation, we can make it work!

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        Profile PhotoMacon Sizemore

          I appreciate the  change to require masks while in line for the end of hunt lunch chow!  Thanks for looking out for our lungs as well as our stomachs!

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          Profile PhotoMichael Inscore

            Thank you Ms. Rose!  Looking forward to it as always!  I am assuming maps will still be provided per usual (no need to print them ourselves from private forum) but wanted to confirm since everything has to be altered due to Covid?  Thank you again!

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              Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

                We will have maps available…..the carpool driver will pick them up when they get the parking pass and badges.

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