At Pro?


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    Juan Ramos

      Good evening everyone,  this will be my first DIV hunt.


      Is the AT Pro a good enough machine to be detecting at these sites?



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        Profile PhotoErle Shull

          I’ve got a lot of DIV hunts under my belt & can’t afford a GPX. Been swinging a Whites MXT & AT Pro for all of them and always walk away with a shadow box of relics. My best finds probably are a Burnside Breast plate, US box plate & most recently a beautiful overcoat SC button that was an American. Digger magazine article. The sounds and tones will be totally different from what you are used to, forget the vid and simple listen for   The tones and you’ll do fine!


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          Profile PhotoDan Wolfrey

            You make want to talk to John page about renting a GPX. If you’re going to run a VLF, maybe try sticking in the woods.

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            Profile PhotoBill Butski

              The ground is generally pretty hot in the area. Not quite sure how it will be here.Your best bet will be to stay in the woods(if there is woods) and hope the ground is not to mineralized.You never know. Good Luck!

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