Charity Raffle for Dean Arbogast

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    Rose Kendrick

      Another one of our DIV family members needs our help.
      Those that know the name Dean Arbogast knows he’s a salt of the earth, give you the shirt off his back kind of guy.

      2008 was a good year and a bad year for Dean. It was good because he attended his first DIV IX (9) at Brandy Rock…it was bad because he contacted Rocky Mt. Spotted fever.

      He saw a motorcycle wreck in his rear-view mirror. He turned around and the woman driving the bike had been thrown into the bushes. He said she had already started turning blue. He immediately jumped into action…he cleared her airway and started doing CPR and after awhile her coloring turned to pink.
      From being a good Samaritan, he saved her life but jeopardized his own. He said he was covered from head to foot with ticks, which caused the Rocky Mt. Spotted fever.

      After a couple hunts of being a participant Dean joined forces with our BBQ chefs Steve Schroer and Jon Brower smoking the delicious pulled pork that we have at every BBQ.

      Fast forward to 2018. Dean started having kidney problems and went on dialysis 3 days one week and 4 days the next until he got his kidney transplant on June 22,2022. As he was recovering from that surgery on October 17, 2022 he got the flu and his kidney stopped working. He was immediately hospitalized. They heard a muffled sound in his right lung and they found a bacterial infection and 2 viruses….CMV and Nocardia. After 29 days in UVA he was discharged.

      We visited Dean this afternoon and he is the most positive and upbeat person I have ever known to deal with everything life has thrown his way. He and his wife Cindy just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary and we pray they have many more.

      Just recently he has resorted to selling some of his relics as he has incurred $1.7 million in hospital bills with $30, 000 co pays.

      We’re going to do the same type of raffle that we did for Barb. Tickets are $10 each or 3/$25. You can buy as many as you want. ALL proceeds will go to Dean. The drawing will be Wednesday September 13th.
      Reply to this post how many tickets you want to purchase and mail your check payable to me –
      Rose Kendrick
      11215 Cardinal Dr
      Remington, VA 22734

      We have several items items to raffle and will have multiple winners. The 1st name drawn gets their choice and so on.
      You can pick your item up at the pre – hunt meeting for DIV 55.

      The print 18” X 24’ donated by Shawn Key from an original painting.
      Confederate Read Shell from the Spillman Oak Witness Tree made by John
      Inkwell from the Spillman Oak Witness Tree made by Dean Ryberg
      DIV L commemorative mosaic handmade by Barbara Morrow.
      Shaler buller donated from the estate of the late Frank Davido
      NS Button donated from the estate of the late Frank Davido
      Arrowhead collection donated from the estate of the late Frank Davido
      Groundbreakers Book donated by the NVRHA from which Dean served in many positions through the years.

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        I’m mailing the check today for the arrowhead charity raffle.


        Raymond Jones


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        Profile PhotoDoug Hardy

          Rose – Please put me down for 10 tickets. I’ll get the check in the mail today.

          Thanks, Doug

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          Profile PhotoAllen Fisher

            Morning Rose, I’ll take 6.

            Mailing this morning.

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            Profile PhotoStanley wadas

              Good morning Rose

              I would like to purchase 12 raffle tickets.

              check will be in the mail



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