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    Jason Yoder

      Thanks John Kendrickand Rose Kendrick and the DIV committee for DIV 52 and 53. JT and I had a blast. As tough as Coles Hill was for us we would love another run at it some day. I really enjoyed how physical the digging was there! We love Beauregard and were super excited to able to relocate a hole we didn’t finish at the last hunt. Thank you thank you for the great memories with JT and our DIV friends. God Bless. Coles Hill on the left. Beauregard on the right. JT’s prank on Dan Centofanti replacing his garrett carrot with an actual carrot was epic!

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        Profile PhotoGlen Heath

          good to see you guys I sure did want JT to win that detector maybe next hunt

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          Profile PhotoDavid McCall

            I am curious if anyone used a Gold Monster or the 7000 at last week’s hunt?

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              Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

                Had a guy stop and chat with me( can’t remember who it was) that was using a 6000. He seemed to think it was too sensitive and was struggling with it. He had his gain all the way down and was still digging lots of small targets. 👍

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                  Profile PhotoBill Hornbrook

                    That is interesting. I am new here and was hopeful to make it out to a hunt this next year. However, I run a 6000, works great on small gold. I wondered how it would do here.

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                Profile PhotoRob Langdon

                  Well Done, Jason! Ya dun good!  Thanks for sharing!

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