Entry fee reminder – everyone please read

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    Rose Kendrick

      The due date for entry fees is Monday June 22nd. You must  include your release form with  you check in order to be marked paid. Payments not received by the due date will forfeit their slot for the fall hunts. Hopefully things will have calmed down by then and the hunts can go on.

      If you know someone that hasn’t been marked paid get in touch with them and tell them they better hurry….the clock is ticking down.

      The hunt information is on the private forums.

      Everyone stay safe and healthy and enjoy the rest of the summer…….BUT…..come on November!!! :party:

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        Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

          Indeed it truly is sad for many people. All we can do at the present time is pray for safety and good health for all of our family members and for our DIV family.

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          Profile PhotoGord Thompson

            Rose this is a sad time for this DIV’er.  I am hoping that this mess goes away before any 2021 hunts are scheduled and run.  Our government here in Ontario and Canada are holding firm on keeping the border between our countries closed.  Only essential service workers are allowed to cross from Windsor to Detroit and the United States.  1000’s of Canadian nurses cross the border daily to maintain services in Detroit hospitals.  1000’s pf commercial truckers also cross the border weekly to deliver auto parts and other products to the U.S. and bring back food, auto parts and many other products to Canadian consumers.  Anyone other than essential workers who return from the United States must at a minimum spend 14 days in self- isolation and self report if they develop symptoms of covid19.  If there isn’t a vaccine developed soon,  those Canadians who participate in DIV hunts will not be able to cross the border to join in those hunts.  At 76 yrs of age and one of those in the category most likely to be impacted by covid, this old Canuck may have seen his last DIV hunt.  I certainly hope that isn’t the case but I must be prepared to accept the fact that it is possible.  The same thing has happened to our family annual vacation to Hawaii.  This year it was cut to 11 days from a planned 21 day trip.  When the Mayor of Kauai tells tourists to go home or stay home because of this pandemic our lives have changed.  All we can do is wish everyone a safe and healthy life.  All the best to all DIV family members.

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            Profile PhotoScott Duckworth


              I thought we’d already sent ours in.

              I’ll have it in the mail tomorrow for us both.

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              Profile PhotoLandon Smith

                Mine has been sent Rose!

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                Profile PhotoFred Davis

                  Sent mine in Monday should be there soon if not alraedy.

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                  Profile PhotoGeorge R. Hicks

                    Hi Rose – Check is ‘in the mail’!!  Quite excited to see my DIV family in a few months…


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                    Profile PhotoRodney Cox

                      Completely forgot about it. Will get it out tomorrow. Time to go to bed!

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                      Profile PhotoMichael Inscore

                        Entry fee and release form in the mail yesterday. Thank you Ms. Rose!

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