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    Rose Kendrick

      This is a message from John ~ please read and spread the word

      Working on the maps for DIV 55 at Beauregard Farm. They have modified how the operation is done and it has an impact on what is available for our hunt. They are doing small grain crops in the summer such as wheat and rye now and when those are harvested in July and August they then plant soy beans which will not be harvested until Dec. or Jan. Most of the fields in what I call the “back” won’t be accessible for us. The “back” is the portion of the farm back by the Hazel River. The woods where some folks like to hunt will be open to hunting as well as a couple of the fields. I’m working on how to get folks back there without crossing the Trust Easement which can be problematic. Regardless on how we access that portion you will be absolutely required to have a 4 wheel drive high clearance vehicle….NO EXCEPTIONS. All wheel drive cars DO NOT QUALIFY. All the fields around HQ and across Alanthus Road will be accessible as usual. I will have the maps available on line in the next few days.

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