Finds list reporting procedures – EVERYONE please read

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      AUTHOR: Rose Kendrick

      Email your list to as soon as the hunt is over and you have had a chance to identify your finds.  This is a new email address for DIV.

      Do not PM your lists, they need to be emailed.

      Do not send pictures or attachments. List your finds in the body of the email according to the following categories.

      If your name is not in your email address please make sure you put your name in the email so I know who it is from. If you did not find an item in a category then delete that line…only report items that you found.


      Bullets – be specific of the kind and quantity of each

      Cavalry Accessories

      Sword Parts & Blades

      Corps Badges/ID Tags

      ID tags/Medals/Pins/Branch Insignia

      Union Buttons – type and quantity

      Confederate Buttons – type and quantity

      Nondescript or Non-Military Buttons – type and quantity

      U.S. Plates & Accessories

      Confederate Plates

      Glass Bottles/Stoneware/Lids – be specific of the type of bottles

      Soldier Camp/Equipment

      Artillery/Artillery Fuses & Shells

      Coins & Tokens

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        Profile PhotoDennis Morrison

          Rose I just saw Jerry Suter’s Name on the list who hasn’t sent in his finds list yet, I’ll drive over there tomorrow and get it. Sorry.


          Dennis Morrison

          I'm just a Yankee from Ohio, who enjoys Relic Hunting and Saving History. We as Detectorists should always remember we are the ones who do the research and Save our History for those who come after us if we don't Save our History, who will.

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          Profile PhotoKim Stidley

            Sorry for the delay, sent this morming. Kim Stidley

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            Profile PhotoTerry Ferris

              Rose, I just sent my second list. I don’t know what happened but my first was sent through Comcast. I just sent my second through my Gmail account. Sorry for the delay.

              Terry Ferris

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              Profile PhotoKelley Rea

                whoops, I emailed pics. sorry.

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                Profile PhotoIsaiah Sams

                  I hope I’m doing this correctly. I’m not very tech savvy so I’m probably doing it wrong. This is my finds list from DIV50….. Six 69 caliber bullets…… 3 dropped and 3 fired. I found 13 fired 3 ringers……. I found two button backs. I didn’t find a lot but I picked up the GPX for the first time at DIV 50. I can hit the ground running for the next one!!! I hope I did this right.

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                  Profile PhotoDavid Farhat

                    Rose, What are the dates of DIV 50?   Can I be added to an alternate list.  Thanks,  Dave Farhat.

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