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    Doug King

      I was going through some DIV mementos today and found this Name Tag. This was the first name tag that was given out to the 60 or so participants of that hunt. What’s interesting is that it does not have the Roman Numeral designation “I”. This was because it was not known to Rose, John, or any of  us diggers at the time, that there would ever be another DIV. It was only referenced as the DIV Invitational. This was, of course, the first ever dig at Stoneman’s Switch, Va. in March of 2004. Subsequent DIVs would have the roman numeral of the hunt on the end of the ribbon. So many great memories there and the many DIV’s after. Every DIV has been remarkable with life long memories made, and awesome museum quality relics found. 

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        Profile PhotoDennis Morrison

          Doug, when did you and Jim start hunting together at Diggin in Virginia?

          I'm just a Yankee from Ohio, who enjoys Relic Hunting and Saving History. We as Detectorists should always remember we are the ones who do the research and Save our History for those who come after us if we don't Save our History, who will.

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          Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

            That’s definitely a treasure! We stopped putting the Roman numeral on the ribbon as the number got too long :-)

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            Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

              Very cool! I have all of mine, although I didn’t start DIV until 32,Coles Hill. Have only missed 1 or 2 since then. 6 years later and I still get excited about each one! Such a great event with great people! And as long as DIV is still going it will be my ONLY choice of hunt!👍

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