Florida’s Treasure Coast

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    Travis Snyder

      Had anyone off you ever detected the area called the Treasure Coast on the eastern side of Florida?? If so,  what are the regulations as far s detecting the beaches there and are you allowed to detect in the surf without having to get as salvage license? I heard there were regulations regarding actually detecting in the ocean.

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        Profile PhotoJoe Rahuba

          Beaches are sanded in like crazy right now. We need a good blowing north wind for a few days.

          In the water is off limits as most of the Treasure Coast waters are part of salvage leases.

          Low tide line to high tide line (base of dunes) are open game.

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          Profile PhotoMichael Palmer

            The water is off limits but the public beaches are ok. My personal favorite spot is just north of the Disney Resort beach. But it normally takes a good storm to pull out enough sand to find anything. While your there be sure to check out the park service visitors center. They have some cool stuff in there and the Mel Fisher museum is super cool too

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