Garrett Axiom review

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    Randy Schuh

      I hunted six days with the new Garrett Axiom. I also had the GPX but I never turned it on as I was still learning the Axiom. My honest take is this. The Axiom is very light weight and will handle the hot soil in Culpeper. I dug a bullet 16″ deep and it was nice and loud. On Friday we hunted in pouring down rain and did not have to cover which I thought was really nice. Keep in mind the Axiom is not to replace the GPX. It is just another machine that is light weight and will handle the hot soil. There was an extremely lot of interest in the machine. As I was walking down the hill at Cole’s Hill a guy called me over to check the deep bullet signal he was getting with the GPX. I gave him the machine so he could hear and he could clearly hear the tone. Sure enough it was a deep bullet. Everyone enjoyed the hands on seeing for the first time. I really enjoyed hunting with it. I could swing it all day it is so light. Garrett has a winner here.

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        Hey Randy were you using the stock coil and how deep did the iron discrimination work?

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          <p style=”text-align: left;”>Appreciate the review</p>

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            Hi and thanks for posting your review. Just a quick clarification.. when you say that the Axiom is not to replace the GPX, can you tell me why not ? Tks, Joe

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              Thanks Randy for the review. Are there settings that you used  that you can share so we can add them to the Machine Settings page?

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