It’s 1 July………

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    Randy McMahon

      For all you non-Virginians, today is the start of the removal of four Confederate Statues from the City of Richmond.  The Democratic-controlled House and Senate voted in laws (effective today) to let localities decide which statues they want removed.  Our gasoline tax also went up by 5 cents a gallon and will rise another 5 cents next year.  I liked the fact we (Virginia) had one of the lowest tax rates on a gallon of gas until now.  The current Virginia Governor and State legistators feel it is right to collect more tax on gasoline for road improvements.  Yeah, right, I’ll believe that when I see it………Ugh…………….

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        Profile PhotoJim Bonito

          Its sad and upsetting … they couldn’t get what they wanted so now there are going this route ….. Americans stay strong so we can root out what is putting our beautiful country in turmoil or at least they’re tryin to

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          Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

            It truly is sad the state of our country right now, especially our beloved Virginia.

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            Profile PhotoClint Bryant

              They are removing our history.

              It’s possible they may even try and stop what we do on battlefields. Never say never.

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