Our book has finally been published!

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    Rose Kendrick

    We’ve worked non stop for the past few months to make this happen. The paperback and ebook are both available on Amazon

    Diggin’ In Virginia ~ Their Story Is Our Story

    A Civil War Relic Hunt I – X Plus The Mini Hunt

    We couldn’t have done this without the consulting advice from Alex Bilji and Blaine Pardoe.

    Unfortunately it was cost prohibitive to print the paperback in color but the ebook has color pictures.

    I do hope everyone enjoys the stories as much as we have enjoyed reading them as we worked on this book. Your stories is what made our story.

    The next edition will be DIV XI ~ XX……send your stories and pictures to digginva@hughes.net for inclusion. The more stories the more enjoyable the book will be. We plan to do a 5 volume series.


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      Profile PhotoJim Bonito

      Congratulations to the Authors Rose and John , I ordered mine :USA: :yahoo:

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      Profile PhotoTom Armstrong

      Awesome!!!  Downloaded my copy last night!!

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      Profile PhotoBill Butski

      I just downloaded a copy and it looks great. The color pictures on the kindle come thru perfect. Congrats once again!

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        Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

        That’s nice to hear…..wish the paperback could have been in color. :-(

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      Profile PhotoBill Butski

      Congratulations John & Rose!!! That truly is an awesome accomplishment. I am looking forward to getting a copy.

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      Profile PhotoDIV Admin
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      Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

      Very nice! Can’t wait to read it even though it was before I started DIV’s!👍

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      Profile PhotoStanley wadas

      Congratulations to everyone Miss Rose! What a great day for DIV!!

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        Profile PhotoDoug King

        Received my copy last Friday….It is much more than I expected or imagined! So well done from the “Foreword” by Steve Sylvia; Rose’s Introduction on “How It All Began” and John’s “The Beginning” explanation! For those of us who were part of these extraordinary events, you will understand! For those who weren’t there or have never experienced a DIV hunt, I hope you get a feel for the Family atmosphere of DIV. Each and every story and comment are in the words of those who participated in DIV I through DIV X. I don’t know how this book could have been made any better! It is indeed exceptional and I expect the books to follow will be just as impressive.

        Thanks John, Rose, the Committee, and all those who contributed. Great Work!

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