PI Detector up to 3K

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    Steve Engstler

    I am planning to buy a PI detector to use in addition to my Equinox 800.

    Since I am looking to stay under 3k, I’m leaning towards the ATX but am unsure which coil to go with.

    I “think” the DD coil would be best but am not sure.

    Also, what is the difference between open and closed coil?

    Any advice would be appriciated.


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      Profile PhotoJosh Jenkins

      Is the GPX 4800 still available?

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      Profile PhotoJack Brumbach

      Well, I have a GPX 4800 I’m interested in selling. I have a brand new Doc’s Screamer for it that wasn’t used yet. I was thinking 2500.00. I also have 3 extra coils for it, if your interested. Everything is negotiable. Thanks Jack

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        Profile PhotoSteve Engstler

        Thanks for the offer but I went ahead and ordered a Garrett ATX before your post hit.

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        Profile PhotoDennis Morrison

        Jack is a good friend and Jack’s equipment will be in excellent condition. If you plan on Diggin in Virginia and in the Culpeper area, you need a Minelab GPX. Jack’s price is very good, considering he probably paid twice as much as he is asking. Better not wait to long or this deal will be gone! Oh the Docs Screamer Battery setup runs $469.

        I'm just a Yankee from Ohio, who enjoys Relic Hunting and Saving History. We as Detectorists should always remember we are the ones who do the research and Save our History for those who come after us if we don't Save our History, who will.

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