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    AUTHOR: Rose Kendrick

    You must request to join the private forum in order to be marked confirmed. Please follow the instructions below.

    In order to secure your slot you must make your entry fee payment either with a personal check or money order.. Once your payment and signed release form has been received then you will be marked paid on the participants list.

    Private forums have been setup for disseminating information pertaining to the hunts. Information posted on this forum will be private in nature relating to the hunt and of interest to people that are participants in this hunt. This private forum will be used from now on instead of sending out information via email.

    Click the link below to request access to the private forums .After you make the request, a forum moderator will have to approve the request before you can access the private forum. Request will only be approved for those persons that are participants of the hunt. Once your request is approved, you will see the private forum listed on the main forum index below the regular DIV forum.

    The regular DIV forum will continue to be the main source of information about all DIV hunts. Only use the private forum to receive information specific to the hunt (i.e. payments, parking, hotel info, etc…) or to ask questions specific to the hunt in which you are participating.

    We are looking forward to seeing all of our old friends again and meeting all of you new folks that will be attending DIV!!!




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      Profile PhotoClint Bryant

      I see I’m not the only one that can’t find the instructions for DIV 53.

      I need such for the address and when and where to send it.

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      Profile PhotoPerry Kyser

      The private forums are no longer showing up for me.  I am confirmed and marked paid.  Also, i sent in drier and passenger info several weeks ago and not marked on participant list.  I sent those in again today.

    • #6003
      Profile PhotoMike Brown

      The private forums aren’t showing up for me. I’m confirmed and on both lists. I was looking for the address to send in my payment.

    • #5920
      Profile PhotoGlenn Watkins

      Where is the address to send the forms and fees for the DIV 52 & 53. And how much is it? I can’t find this info anywhere.

    • #5883
      Profile PhotoAndy Dean

      I have my log in and cannot get it to work.


      Andy Dean

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        Profile PhotoDIV Admin

        All the information you need is in the private forums for each hunt. If you have already signed up for one or both of the hunts you will need to request membership to the Private forums to confirm. Click the link above  to take you to the private groups page where you can request membership.

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      Profile PhotoJimm Langley

      Hello Rose. Looking forward to both hunts this fall. Will you register both Nina and I? Thank You – Jimm Langley

    • #5446
      Profile PhotoDavid McCall

      Is there an issue with the private forum for March’s hunt?  I had no trouble viewing it this morning but later on when I checked the site I had been logged off.  I logged in again and I wasn’t able to see the private forum.  I know that I have already been confirmed as paid, released and carpooled so maybe it’s just a delay due to updating???


      • #5447
        Profile PhotoDavid McCall

        All good, when in doubt…..reboot.  Working fine.


    • #5338

      How much is it?

    • #5198
      Profile PhotoMatthew Shipley

      Woo Hoo!  Got in on my PC and was able to request the private forum.  Don’t ask me how I remembered the password LoL! Looking forward to another great hunt!  TY!

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      Profile PhotoTimothy Evans


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      Profile PhotoMark Khosravi

      Mark Khosravi

      Like to confirm for Fall Hunt with Spencer Marker please

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      Profile PhotoAnthony Corsetti

      Rose Are we able to buy shirts on this next DIV?

      • #3219
        Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

        We didn’t take orders for shirts for the fall hunts…..folks that ordered for the spring hunts will pick up those orders.

        • #3223
          Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

          I can’t remember if I ordered anything?🤔

    • #2965
      Profile PhotoBarbara Connell

      I requested, not in yet :)

      • #2966
        Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

        You’re good to go now…..glad you will be joining us for both hunts…..November can’t get here soon enough.

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