Sad Day in My Opinion…………

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    Randy McMahon

      Virginia Military Institute votes to remove Stonewall Jackson statue amid racism accusations by Black cadets.  After resisting calls to remove the Confederate general’s statue, the VMI Board of Visitors reversed course as pressure built to change the climate on campus.  The school’s superintendent, retired Gen. J.H. Binford Peay III, resigned Monday, saying he was told by the chief of staff of Gov. Ralph Northam (D) that the governor and other state legislators had “lost confidence in my leadership” and wanted him out.

      I predict if Joe Biden wins the general election for President, he will serve no more than half his term and resign due to health issues and turn over the Presidency to Kamala Harris………………….

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        Profile PhotoRob Langdon

          No matter where it falls, we are screwed!

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          Profile PhotoJim Bonito

            Yes Very Very Sad what some people think is right these days …Some examples .1.Destroying Statues depicting our past history ,What Kind of United States of America :USA: do these people want .2.DisrespectingThe office of Commander in Chief , My Dad used to say ” If you cant beat em Join em”  ,  Thats out the window … If you don’t care for the current President you go with it for the term and use your right to Vote :USA:  in the next presidential election .. no crying and protesting and causing trouble …I,m at a loss for words but I think most would catch my drift … this is not the America I was raised in although I keep hoping and praying things get better … Here is something that really bothered me the other day … An old High school friend put up a picture of a house she bought here on Long Island , the picture showed the American Flag :USA: displayed and hanging in front  of the home … Someone commented “Oh you better take that Flag down or people with think you are for President Trump …. Really ? that really hit home for me ,   The Flag of the United States of America :USA:  .. In my opinion  we need to remember the History of Our Country and if you are embarrassed to fly the Flag well then you don’t love our Country , then you should go somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine…  putting it nicely …. See you all on Sunday

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            Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

              The whole country truly is SAD :USA: :CSflag:

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