Special Brandy Rock Hunt – March 26 – 28, 2021

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    Rose Kendrick

      This was posted on FB on Tuesday but it was brought to my attention that several folks aren’t on FB that may be interested in attending this hunt

      Sign up here if you would like to attend.  Some of the fields are being put into easement so this possibly would be the last hunt there.  Since we’re short on time we have to act quickly.

      The SPECIAL Brandy Rock Hunt will be March 26 – 28, 2021…..Friday – Sunday. It will be the same as all of our other hunts …3 days , times to be announced, with a lunch of chili and all the fixin’s, desserts and sodas on Sunday. The price is $250.00

      Pulse induction machines are recommended due to the highly mineralized soil.

      Once you sign up your name will be added to the participants list on the website. The release form is on the website as well. Don’t send your entry fee without your release.

      Mail you check and release form to
      Diggin In Virginia
      11215 Cardinal Dr
      Remington, VA 22734

      Deadline for entry fees is Friday March 12th.

      Names will be added to the list in the order of signups. The deadline for signups will be Monday March 1 at 6:00 p.m.

      Once you sign up you will have to request to join the private forum to have access to the hunt information.


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        Profile PhotoGary Manning

          Rose could you please add me to the list for DIV 50 I am having trouble getting email to work. Thank You Gary Manning

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          Profile PhotoRob Langdon

            anybody find anything?

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            Profile PhotoGary Manning

              Rose this is Gary Manning I will need a drivers pass and Dennis Bjorklund is my passenger.

              I will be driving a 2002 Ford Escape lic. RELIC-I

              Thank you ;

              Gary Manning

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                Profile PhotoMacon Sizemore

                  Gary, Parking will be handled differently on this hunt.   No parking passes will be issued so it is not necessary to report driver/passengers.  They are asking drivers to have at least 1 passenger.

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                Profile PhotoIsaiah Walston

                  Rose is it too late to sign up? I would like to join

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                    Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

                      No it’s not. Request to join the private forum so you can be marked confirmed and then have access to additional hunt information.

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                    Profile PhotoTom Armstrong

                      Rose, pls add me to the list!

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                      Profile PhotoBrian Aspinall

                        Brian Aspinall

                        Like to attend


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                        Profile PhotoLance Elwell

                          Please add me to the list for this hunt.  Thank you.

                          Lance Elwell

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