TDI or the nox 800

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    Dan Wolfrey

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have a TDI and the nox800. I also have the manticore on preorder from minelab. I’m told the manticore is supposed to ship mid to late October.

      I’ve tried the nox at liberty hall back in the spring and had horrible luck. Just recently got the TDI and I haven’t had much time to really use the machine other than messing around my yard that’s not very mineralized.


      I signed up to rent a GPX For the event but again I have very little experience with pulse machines. For those of you that have used the 800s at a DIV what settings do you recommend? I’m running field 2, GB at 0, recovery speed at 6, with f2 at 4 and I usually run in all metal using 5 tones.

      it’s been a long time since I made it to a DIV ( probably like div 5? I remember it was brandy rock)

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        Profile PhotoDan Wolfrey

          Michael, what your thoughts on the TDI?

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          About the best you will do with the Nox 800 is to run it in Gold mode.  I will look back in my notes for more specifics.

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            Profile PhotoDavid McCall

              I messed around with my 800 at the DIV 52/53.  Ran it in Prospect 2 and was able to get a reading on a bullet down 6-8 inches (came in at -8).  Problem is all the hot rocks were showing up the same so you didn’t know if it was a bullet or a HR.  GPX was much better.  Hard to translate from VDI numbers to fine tones.  Took me most of the outing to feel comfortable with what I was hearing.


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