The Spot is officially ended!

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    John Kendrick

      I was sitting here on a rainy day thinking about the long journey we have had with Donnie and the Treasure Spot. If you would like to see how the Spot has changed through the years take alook back with the “Wayback Machine” Just Google it and when you get on the machine type in There will be a chart showing the vaious years from the Spot’s inception till today. Click on the year you want to look at and it will bring up a calander. You will see what days are archived on the calander. Click on a highlighted day and you can see the posts. Unfortunately the body of the post isn’t available but you can look at all the posts for that time frame. Sure does bring back a ton of memories of friends….some who have passed on but will always be in my heart. What a journey it has been. Wish I could give all those folks a big hug right now! :angel:

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