Update on Allen Fisher

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    Rose Kendrick


      I received this very poignant message from our dear friend Allen Fisher last night and got his approval to share it with our DIV family.

      As we all know it takes a village and our village came through in full force!

      I told Allen that John and I were the vehicle to get the prayer request out……all of yours and our prayers and the grace of God is why he is here today.And we will see him in the fall as he definitely will need some ‘red dirt therapy’


      Hi Rose and John, hope you are well.
      Renee and I would like to somehow thank you for the rallying of the troops as you say to help lift us in prayer. You two are amazing with your ability to reach people in time of need.

      I feel you played a huge part in my being able to write you today. I know you heard some of the details during this time, but I never expected to be here today.

      Once it was discovered what my issue was things moved at lightning speed. The surgeon looked directly at my wife and I and said you have a 5% chance of surviving this but we will do our best. I lost over 50% of my blood during the operation.

      As I understand it I was totally out the next three days, and got a bit nasty. Apparently I tried pulling the tube from my throat. Needless to say I was soon thrilled to learn I was still here with my family , friends, and all who prayed along they way. Again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

      I was in the hospital about a month until my mind cleared and my mobility met standards for discharge. I lost well over 30 lbs during that stay. Working to put it back on but it’s a slow process. After I was home for two weeks they took out the Cath, and a few days later they pulled out the IV pic-line. Renee had to give me IV antibiotics thru this port for a few weeks 3 times a day. I now take oral antibiotics and will for the rest of my life.

      I see my surgeon the end of the month and hope I’m given a long term outlook.

      I am blessed to be here today and owe so much to you guys and all those in the DIV family who fought with us. I’m certain I won’t make this hunt, but remain hopeful for the fall.

      Thanks again, you guys are the best.
      Allen & Renee

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        Profile PhotoGary Silvernail

          The power of prayer is awesome! I am living proof of that, and now Allen is too.

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