Update on John and Rose from DIV land

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    Rose Kendrick

      We both contacted COVID, ……mine feels like a sever sinus infection and Johns symptoms are that of a bad cold. It will just have to run its coarse now. We both have the Omnicron variant and we’re thankful for that as the Delta variant is much worse and I sympathize with anyone that has had or does have it.

      We don’t want to start a big debate but we are thankful at our age that we both were fully vaccinated and had our booster shot to lessen the severity of the virus. At some point everyone will get this virus.( either one variant of the other) ….it’s no rhyme or reason who gets it and it a nasty one!

      So now moving forward with business. I’m so thankful that I had Alex on board last week to pick up the slack where I left off. Signups went on uneventful and we now have our participants list finalized. and posted

      There are 3 boxes that needs to be checked…..confirmed, paid and carpool – either as a driver or rider. Once that is done then all you have to do is sit back and wait 64 days for DIV to start.

      Look over the list and if you know folks that have not confirmed get in touch with them. Without the hunt information they don’t know what is going on. The deadline for entry fees is Saturday February 12th. That’s only 24 days away. I looked at the postmark of payments received and it appears the average time is running 6 days for local mail and 8 – 10 for out of state. BUT there’s no guarantee when it will be delivered.

      Thank you all for your patience, prayers, good well wishes, positive vibes, its means a lot knowing we have a caring group in our DIV family.
      Come on March – We Love RED DIRT!!!!!
      Stay safe and healthy!

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        Profile PhotoGary Godby

          All the best to you guys and here’s to a quick & speedy recovery!

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          Profile PhotoDave Kummer

            Glad you both are doing well.  Hope you have a continued speedy recovery

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            Thanks to you both for organizing your team to cover when you both were down with this virus.  Thanks as well to the whole DIV team.  Hope you can get back to better health.  I was sick for about a week….something I may have caught from a family member, but who knows with all the stuff going around.  Here’s for more sunlight hours, milder temperatures, and unfrozen ground come March.

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            Profile PhotoAllen Fisher

              Glad to hear you guys are recovering. Will be good to see you in a few weeks!

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              Profile PhotoSteve Wagner

                It went thru our family in the last 3 weeks. My son and I are not vaccinated and my wife just got vaccinated in oct. and the 2nd in nov. omicron does care if your vaccinated or not!! Thankfully, like you, all three of us was just sinus infection type of symptoms. I’m glad your feeling better and can’t wait for Red Dirt!!

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                Profile PhotoDave Beer

                  Praying for complete recovery for you two. We’ll all be smiling in the fields of DIV soon.  :yes:

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                  Profile PhotoBill Butski

                    Get well soon you two! God Bless!!



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                    Profile PhotoTom Armstrong

                      Get well soon!

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                      Profile PhotoMacon Sizemore

                        Best wishes for a speedy and complete  recovery!

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