What is everybody doing during this pandemic?

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    Rose Kendrick

      We’ve been doing a lot of house cleaning and hand washing/sanitizing

      Only going in stores when absolutely necessary. :masked:

      Tweaking the website now and then

      Got our raised bed gardens ready and been doing a lot of yard work.

      Going for drives every few days for a change of scenery.

      Getting carry out at a select few restaurants that we really trust.

      Doing more bible studies and praying that this will end soon! :angel:

      And counting down the days to November. :party: :yahoo:

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        Profile PhotoRodney Cox

          2 of my ED docs out due to “high risk” status (1 pregnant the other 80 years old).  I’m mostly just working my butt off and waiting for the Pandemic that hasn’t hit our area yet. A dozen or so cases locally but nothing serious at my hospital.

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          Profile PhotoDebby Magnin

            I quarantined in NJ with my nieces family.  She and I headed out 3-4 days a week to do some dirt digging.  Found some silver and some fun relics that I don’t get to detect very often.  Now I”m back in FL and alone!  Detecting the beach 5-6 days a week and getting some gold.  Finished 2 quilting projects that had been ongoing for over 2 years!  Also doing some organizing around the house.  A few visits with friend doing “dinner on the driveway”.  lol  Missing people!!!

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            Profile PhotoReid Bridges

              Buying Ammo now.

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              Profile PhotoDarren Wetsell

                Work work work like usual .. I am definitely glad for that traffic has been a pleasure too. we will see if they ever open NY up

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                A lot of bike rides, campfires, and barbecues with my wife and daughter.
                Work has slowed down some but honestly not much, I am blessed in that regard. I’ve found some extra time to work on my latest project also, another antique military truck. And of course, a little father daughter time.

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                Profile PhotoPat Kiser

                  Thankfully I have been able to work. With construction deemed essential here in NC there has been plenty to do. We have been rolling with all the changes from church services via livestream to standing at a distance in a front yard to check on or visit with friends and family. Thankful too that my family and I have remained healthy during all this. Praying that  you guys stay safe and stay well.

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                  Profile PhotoBrian Aspinall

                    I guess I’m lucky I am still working. All be it on the road dealing with hotels and such. A lot in Indiana and Chicago.

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                    Profile PhotoJim Farley

                      Dug out a dead Lilac bush (practice for digging a hut ) and planted a new Red bud. The Grandson is going to race this weekend bought tickets on line limited number of people allowed into track.  Going coin shooting a little most days , with the last coins I cashed in I’m now over $2000.00 dollars a lot of holes huh.

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                      Profile PhotoGord Thompson

                        Nancy and I were in Kauai when the Canadian government declared the pandemic. Then they told all Canadians that were travelling outside the country to get home as fast as possible as they were considering closing the borders.  Being non believers in border closings, we only paid it a little attention.  Then Kauai closed all the restaurants to sit down dining.  Only “TO GO” meals were available.  They then added a “stay in place” rule and closed all beaches and parks.  Finally, the Mayor of Kauai issued a notice in the newspaper telling all tourists that Kauai was on “vacation”,  no more tourists should come to the island and those already there should go home.

                        So, ten days early we called the condo rental people to tell them that we were leaving to go home because of the pandemic.  They promised us a full refund for the days we didn’t use, made flight arrangements and headed home.  At the border, the Canadian Customs agent told us to go straight home and self isolate there for 14 days.  What a fun 14 days that was.  No close contact with the son, daughter-in-law and 3 yr old grandson, no grocery shopping.  And to make matters worse, I find out that DIV has been postponed til the fall. Oh, and did I tell you, my daughter-in-law was expecting to deliver a baby girl in early May. :yahoo:

                        Last Friday after a nervous wait, Cora Mae Thompson  made her appearance weighing in at 9 lbs 3 oz.  The wait was worth every minute and every day.  We even got to see her and hold her for the first time last Sunday. And that’s what we did so far during the pandemic. :-)

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                          Profile PhotoRose Kendrick

                            Congratulations on that sweet little angel :angel:   I love her name. Glad y’all are home safe and sound.

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                            Profile PhotoJoe Dinisio

                              Congrats Gord. Stay safe.

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                            Profile PhotoJoe Dinisio

                              As an essential person (work for the utility) I’ve been working while the wife is home. Wearing all my PPE’s while out and using plenty of wipes/ hand sanitizer.  Just waiting for November to get here. Stay safe everyone.

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                              Profile PhotoJim Bonito

                                Little under the weather in early March the 2nd to be exact … As the pandemic kicked off … work was very slow , we had a warm February …I am happy  to work people needed heat and hot water .. things started to pick up a little, I was very bored before that and sort of in disbelief… nothing really affects you too much this Virus did … Did as much as I could around the house … and as some said washing hands, masks, sanitizer and washing hands again … The New site is Awesome love it … Congrats Rose , John nice job  Alex ………. very tired of hearing the C word … Corona this Corona that … Hoping Fall hunt will take place … Be Well

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                                Profile PhotoKim (Streak!) Cox

                                  working, fishing and gardening. and working. not much has changed honesty.

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                                  Profile PhotoMike Brown

                                    I’ve not missed a day of work since this began. Construction continues TN.

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                                    Profile PhotoLee Aultman

                                      Well, I am still working a lot ( Not from home ) Nothing has changed for us except a lot of cleaning at work.  Trying to be careful not to get too close to anybody. I am ready for November.

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                                      Profile PhotoEd Korcel

                                        Much the same here, yard work, cleaning house, garden work and of course some metal detecting .
                                        And now I know more back roads to come back from Culpeper than I ever knew

                                        But mostly bring safe and praying for this to end

                                        Everyone be safe and see you guys in the fall

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                                        Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

                                          Well, I’ve stained our house, done what gardening I can, done some turkey hunting. Overall, haven’t been away from home much at all. At the present moment I’m smoking 12 lbs. of bacon! Supposed to return to work on May 12th. But that could change. Very blessed to be off work since March 15th. With full pay! Going back to work has never sounded so good…👍

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                                          Profile PhotoAllen Fisher

                                            Hi Rose, much the same here. Finally have the time to purge the house, it’s been needed!

                                            With all the rain the grass gets cut every other day, and the weeds are endless.

                                            We too take a drive on occasion to get to see anything else. Just finished up my first week

                                            back to work unfortunately. After five weeks off that was tough to do and uncomfortable at best.

                                            The site is awesome. Stay safe, see everyone in November hopefully.

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