Which battlefield park do you suggest

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    Steve Wagner

      I’m planning on visiting a battlefield park/museum this summer. Just wondering on some of your favorite places to visit.

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        Profile PhotoDennis Morrison

          I know it’s to late for your trip, but I send folks from Ohio to Culpeper and then east on  Route 3, it goes by Coles Hill, Hansbrough Ridge, Chancellorsville, Manassas, Spotsylvania, and close to Richmond, Williamsburg, Fredricksburg, Antinimn and others, just to name a few.

          If it was still open, The White Oak Museum, north of Fredricksburg.


          I'm just a Yankee from Ohio, who enjoys Relic Hunting and Saving History. We as Detectorists should always remember we are the ones who do the research and Save our History for those who come after us if we don't Save our History, who will.

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          Profile PhotoRandy McMahon


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            Profile PhotoDave Kummer

              I really Like Antietam – as someone else said its not highly developed and you can get an appreciation for how regiments could suddenly appear in the rolling terrain

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              Profile PhotoGreg Heath

                I’m planning on visiting a battlefield park/museum this summer. Just wondering on some of your favorite places to visit.


                I’ve walked most of them in the East. Sharpsburg gets my vote. Gettysburg is nice but way commercialized. Most of the good museums there have shut down. Good driving tour there.

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                Do look up Pamplin Park they have a great tour of the Break through. https://pamplinpark.org/

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                Profile PhotoButch Turner

                  Vicksburg, it is an amazing and we’ll documented site. We were there for two days and that was still not enough time. At least for me it was not. My wife and I will certainly be going back there again. Amazing, simply amazing.

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                  Profile PhotoDave Beer

                    Wherever you chose, you might like the cell phone Battlefield Apps by Civil War Trust. Very handy tools and info I’ve been using for a couple years now, the field glasses are pretty cool. The app covers the entire battle phases and battlefield, even onto the surrounding private properties, so you can actually utilize the map and tools on your digs like I do. Check it out.

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                    Profile PhotoAllen Fisher

                      I too would say Gettysburg and it will not disappoint. An option to consider is setting up a personal tour.

                      The Guide will drive your vehicle while you and the family sit back and take in history on a personal level.

                      Also, a personal tour typically delivers some things a bus tour can not. For example, the last one We took

                      the guide went down a small side street, parked and had us get out of the car to look at the side of a house

                      that had more bullets in it than you could count. That alone made the personal tour outstanding.

                      A good friend of mine is one of the best guides available and has been doing tours for many years. If you decide

                      to do Gettysburg, and want to consider a personal tour, pm me and I will provide you his contact information.

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                      Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

                        Gettysburg is probably top on my list. You can spend days there! The guides there are great also.

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