Whites closing it’s doors!

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    John Kendrick

      WOW!!!! Really sad to hear the bad news about Whites Electronics. I have used Whites Detectors since the early 1970’s starting With the Coin Master 5. That was a brass magnet and many many nice Confederate buttons fell prey to it. Next I got a 4900 from Jimmy Wilson and loved it’s light weight and power. Then came my Blue & Gray and I still have it and use it when I’m able to hunt. I absolutely love that machine and if I had all the relics I found with it piled up it would be pretty impressive to say the least.

      Whites has supported DIV from the very beginning donating many machines for our charity raffles thanks to Big Bobby B and Keith Zorger. They even gave me a TDI when it first came out!!! Bob, Johnny Craig and I did a Whites sponsored Treasure Hunting America show some years back that was quite an experience and turned out really well.

      Bob and Paul Hammond run Centerville Electronics which is the best detector dealership around and I’m sure they will adapt and continue on repairing and selling machines and accessories.

      Hopefully this is a temporary thing and they will soon get back with their great machines.

      Thank you Bob, Paul, Keith and Whites for the many excellent machines through the years! I’m praying for a positive outcome!


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        Profile PhotoMacon Sizemore

          I have been a loyal Whites customer for years and appreciate “The Treasure Spot” and DIVers for getting me introduced to the machines ( MXT and TDI-SL) and how to nuance them for Culpeper hunting.  I hope that they can find a away to reinvent themselves and come back still with a made in USA tag.

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          Profile PhotoDave Beer

            Oh man that is sad to hear. I’ll never forget coming off the old analog 5500 Coinmaster over to the new digital Eagle Spectrum that Bob sold to my buddy and I back in the early 90’s. It’s “Mixed Mode” was a game changer back then, and still holds true today in the field. Best way to describe it to any that haven’t been fortunate enough to swing any of the Spectrum’s, is now when I scroll to the Mixed Mode program I find myself saying “lets go into Pulse mode”. That’s how far ahead in tech they were back then and today. Can only imagine what could be next from White’s, sure hope we get to see . Thank You White’s for many years of success in the hobby.

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            Profile PhotoJim Bonito

              Yes sir a sad day when companies that have been around for decades have to pack it in because of the times … sad

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              Profile PhotoEd Korcel

                Sad news indeed as I too used Whites for a long time till I met the RED dirt Good luck and thanks to Whites

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                Profile PhotoDean Ryberg

                  Really sad news. Meanwhile the big box stores are just getting bigger!😡

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