My First DIV

Jeff Lubbert
I believe my first DIV was XLVIII, the spring of 2011. I only had a VLF but I made enough finds to make me want to come back.
Dan Freeza
DIV 15 at Coles Hill in October of 2010. I came due to John’s invitation to see what a DIV was all about. I walked 50 paces into the field with my Whites blue & gray. Dad dug a .54 three ringer, the fella to my other side dug a bullet as well. I paused, and took another step and heard a banging target…the sword belt plate was my first DIV signal at my very first DIV. I also met Todd Kendrick and his son, Chase a few minutes later, but that is another funny story. At that hunt I met Barry, Jimmy, and James, all three have become great friends and made many a memory, both at DIVs and outside of. I dug a pile of relics at that DIV with the ole B&G and that belt plate still sits on the pile today in one of my cases. Many other great stories since then. Thanks to all involved in putting the hunts on.

Wayne Henderson
My first was in November 2012 at DIV 20 at Beauregard. It was all new to me (group hunts) and I didn’t know what to expect. I had a hard time lining up a ride and was the last man standing at the pre hunt meeting when Rose was asking for someone anyone to step up and take one more rider. No one did so in pure DIV fashion Miss Rose pulled me to the side and gave me my own parking pass and told me to drive myself to wherever I wanted. They truly know how to take care of folks, especially new ones. I’ll never forget that amazing gesture. The hunt for me was tough. Only had a VLF machine, well 3 VLF’s. But I did find relics and met some truly amazing people that I still call my friends.
Brad Harbin
My first was DIV 36 at Ratrie in March of 2017. I had gotten a GPX the previous fall and wanted to learn it better in hot ground so I signed up! I met some new friends and I had a great time. I found a few Shaler’s (although now I only have 2 since I mailed a middle piece to a friend to complete his after the hunt) and some nice brass. This fall will be my 6th DIV. In my short time being a part of this group, I’ve met some really awesome people and made some great memories.
Joe Benkendorf
DIV XIX Cole’s Hill. Me, Charles H. Jones, Greg Snowman, Shelby West and Curt Hollifield came to conquer Virginia with our new Fisher F75’s. I recall that first morning was 19* and the wind was blowing strong! After a day and a half I finally asked Charlie how he was able to stand listening to all the chatter from the detector. He said what chatter? I listened to his machine and at the moment I realized I hadn’t found anything in nearly 2 days due to a bad coil. I put my little hockey puck coil on, went onto Hansborough Ridge among all those beautiful hut foundations and cherry picked a few buttons and bullets. I am so thankful for that experience as that was the last time DIV had access to the ridge and I would have hated to miss seeing that….. even though the ground was a bit wet and as I headed down a steep cut between where we parked and the huts my feet flew out from under and I landed flat on my back…. wind knocked out of me… after a minute I had the courage to move and I could breathe again.
John Steele
My first DIV was in the fall of 2013 at the New York Excelsior camp. Went with Joe Benkendorf Winn Faries and Jamie Goldie. I had a Whites TDI never used before but found some bullets a a couple buttons. Nearly froze to death at the BBQ.
Tim Murphy
I’ve been attending Diggin’ In Virginia since DIV XXII at Beauregard Farm (November 2012). I was sixteen and just getting into relic hunting. I was novice in every way, shape, and form and it really showed since all I found was scrap iron and tons of nails! It was definitely a big learning curve dealing with the red Culpeper dirt. I don’t remember exactly what machine I used (probably a Bounty Hunter of some sort) but I distinctly remember Rose calling it a “RadioShack detector” hahaha! But despite my lack of finds, I had such a wonderful time learning from the veteran diggers and seeing the relic displays at the BBQ (always a fantastic meal, by the way). I’ve been hooked on DIV ever since and always look forward to the hunts! Thanks for making them possible.
Thomas Watson
I think it was 21. I know it was Beauregard. I had an Etrack. Didn’t find much. The next hunt I bought a GPX love every minute of DIV

Rodney Cox
DIV 2 Stoneman’s Switch – November 2004. First introduction to hut and pit digging! Amazed by the size of the holes and the finds in those holes! Incredibly friendly and helpful experts that helped this noob get into his first hut! Great experience!
Tim Honaker
DIV II with Rodney Cox aka Dr Rod the hut digger. We got into a hut right in front of the house and I swear it had to be the home of a neat freak! ALL AROUND us huts were filled with bottles, bayonets, bullets, etc! We could have buried my Explorer in that thing! I think about all we found were some ratty ration cans and a neatly folded poncho that fell apart. LOL Good times!!
Luke Hankins
DIV 31 May 2015 at Shady Grove in Remington. Hot as heck and lots of ticks but I’ve been hooked ever since!
Gary Alexander
My first time was DIV 16 Brandy Rock in March 2011. I woke up that morning to about 1 inch of snow. I’ll alway remember Rose in that HQ tent handing out coffee in that blue coat with a big smile! I even got into my first hut when I didn’t even know what a hut was. I’ve met some great friends that will last a lifetime DIV is such a part of my life thank you John and Rose for such amazing experiences.
Wade Watson
DIV 17 March 2011 at Beauregaurd. Had a blast with my MXT. Managed a few bullets and a nice Confederate fuse adapter. I’ve looked forward to every DIV since!
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